Many people applying for Social Security disability are over the age of 55, and have worked hard during their entire adult life. But now, due to their medical condition, they can’t do their job any longer, and have been unable to find other work. Many of these workers are denied benefits when they apply for disability, despite a lifetime of paying into the Social Security system.

The Social Security Administration has special rules for claimants age 55 or older.

For those age 55 or older who are unable to perform their past relevant work, and are limited to unskilled sedentary or light work, Social Security will presume that you are unable to transition to other work due to your age and vocational factors. This presumption only applies once Social Security determines that you are unable to perform your past work.

An experienced attorney can use these rules to help win your disability case.

For all these reasons, if you are 55 or over and can no longer perform your past worl due to your physical limitations, please contact Gordon Gates for a free consultation regardless of where you reside in the United States. Social Security is currently holding hearings remotely, by telephone or video, so I can represent you for your Social Security disability claim in any state.