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The Social Security Disability Insurance program (SSDI) and the Supplemental Security Income program (SSI) are federal programs intended to help people who are unable to work due to their medical condition. Unfortunately, many people who apply for disability benefits are initially turned down, even though they actually do qualify for the program.

If you are applying for Social Security disability, or if you have been denied benefits, you should consult a lawyer who specializes in Social Security law. Social Security lawyer Gordon Gates helps people with Social Security disability and SSI claims in Maine and New Hampshire. He helps disabled workers over the age of 55 throughout the United States.

There is no “up front” cost for Gordon Gates to take your case. There is only a fee if you receive Social Security disability benefits.

You can telephone or email attorney Gordon Gates, or ask for a free Social Security claim evaluation.

How a Lawyer Helps

7 ways that a Social Security lawyer can help with your disability claim
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Success Stories

  • Attorney Gordon Gates and his legal team are highly qualified professionals, and are my #1 recommendation for anyone pursuing disability benefits. I believe I would still be appealing denial after denial if I had tried to go it alone. As it was, my case didn’t even require a hearing! If you are disabled, these really are the people you need on your side! Can’t thank you enough, Gordon, Laura and Beth!

  • Thank you so much for handling my case for Social Security disability. I was so scared through it all & you really helped calm me down. Thank you for gathering everything and putting my case together, so the judge could see how I really am.

  • Gordon Gates is professional courteous and easy to communicate with. He always answered my phone calls, (he answered not an automated system). His paralegal Laura is a wonderful addition to the office. Would highly recommend Gordon Gates to anyone seeking SSDI benefits.

  • I was impressed with the website from the start. I checked other sites and found this one and him the person to go with. I filled out the online questionnaire and didn't wait long till I got a call from him. He put me at ease right off the bat. He was so responsive via phone and  e-mail. It was good to know I could contact him directly.

  • I couldn't possibly thank you enough for all of your hard work and expertise in handling my case. The relief that I have now in knowing that I can pay my bills is tremendous.

  • Gordon Gates is the kind of lawyer that you want to represent you. Mr. Gates responded quickly each time I called or emailed. He was compassionate, and tackled difficult issues with kindness but directly. He explained the process in as much depth as you wanted or needed to know. His office staff was equally responsive. I highly recommend Mr. Gates.

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